One Hundred Exhibitions in the Month of October
From The Rooms (which ended the previous month), with its dilation of the exhibition event, Pistoletto moved on to the highly concentrated One Hundred Shows in the Month of October. This little square yellow book, published by Galleria Giorgio Persano, contained 100 ideas for 100 shows, all thought up and described in the month of October, in keeping with a process, based on ‘contingent necessity’, similar to that which had produced the Minus Objects. One Hundred Shows was a sort of recipe book of exhibitions and works, many of which were later carried out; these include the video Who Are You? (1976), Overturned Furniture (1976), The Hoof (1979), Segno Arte (from 1993 on) and Free Space (1999).
In 2013 Michelangelo Pistoletto creates fifteen new works, originally described in One Hundred Exhibitions in the Month of October, which are exhibited in two personal shows simoultaneously taking place at two locations of Galleria Continua, the one in San Gimignano an the one in Boissy-le-Châtel.
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One Hundred Exhibitions in the Month of October, 1976
Who Are You?, 1976
(Exhibition n. 7)
Upside Down Furniture, 1976 (Exhibition n. 30)
Free Space, 1976-1999 (Exhibition n. 90)