Art at the Center of Responsible Social Transformation
Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto, situated in a former mill in Biella acquired by Pistoletto in 1991, was officially inaugurated in the summer of 1998. Since that time Cittadellarte has constantly developed its structure and its programs. Its objective, in brief, is “to inspire and produce a responsible change in society by means of creative ideas and projects.”
The organizational structure of Cittadellarte, as its logo makes clear, is divided into Offices, each of which is responsible for a field of activity. Cittadellarte’s projects, in their turn, activate a tight-knit network of collaborations with organizations and individuals throughout the world, mapping out a ‘geography of change’.
Each year Cittadellarte organizes an artist-in-residence program called Unidee (University of Ideas), and assigns the Minimum Prize, an acknowledgment to those who set off a responsible change in society. The award of this prize in 2005 to Richard Stallmann, initiator of the Free Software movement and of free knowledge, is indicative of Cittadellarte’s growing commitment in the area of communications.
In 2003 Pistoletto wrote the Manifesto of Art and Enterprise, in which he underscored the necessity to develop “prospects of plurality, singularity and difference,” referring back to the Renaissance tradition of strict interconnection among creativity, science and production, to counterbalance “the omnivorous system of global homologation”—on the economic plane as on others.
In 2003 the Antwerp museum of contemporary art, MuHKA, dedicated a large exhibition, entitled Michelangelo Pistoletto & Cittadellarte &, to the path that led from Pistoletto’s artistic work to the birth of Cittadellarte, its activity and its network of collaborations.

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