Creative Collaboration
During the two-year period 1979-1980 Pistoletto presented a series of one-person shows, installations and actions in museums, galleries and public places in different cities across the United States. In Atlanta he set about a city-wide creative collaboration. To achieve this, he turned for help to three artists with whom he had worked previously: theater director and actor Lionello Gennero, a former member of The Zoo; jazz musician Enrico Rava; and American composer Morton Feldmann, with whom he had staged the theater piece Neither, based on a text written expressly by Samuel Beckett, in June 1977 at the Teatro dell’Opera in Rome. Together with these three artists and with the assistance of Maria Pioppi, Pistoletto organized and took part in a dense program of collaborations with local visual artists, music and theater groups, involving a large number of people of diverse ages and social backgrounds.
Creative Collaboration continued during that same year in various cities: in the USA in Athens (GA), New York and Los Angeles; and in Italy in Bologna and above all Corniglia, where in August, together with Laura Culver and David Head (two artists who participated in the Atlanta Creative Collaboration), Enrico Rava, his daughters Cristina, Armona and Pietra, and Maria Pioppi, Pistoletto coodinated and took part in a series of theater pieces in the village streets, among them Opera Ah and Sung Sheep, in which a large part of the populace took part.
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Creative Collaboration, 1979
Creative Collaboration, 1979
Family Works, 1979
Atlanta Sampler, 1979
Atlanta Sampler, 1979)
Musical Book, 1979
Enrico Rava with the Jazz Bone Orchestra, 1979
The Man on the Moon, 1979